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Nutrena Safe Choice Original Horse Feed


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Nutrena Safe Choice Original Horse Feed


50.00 LBS

Nutrena SafeChoice Original Horse Feed is nutritionally balanced for growing and mature horses alike. SafeChoice Original makes feeding a wide range of horses more convenient - without sacrificing nutrition quality or peace of mind.   Balanced for all life stages, this state-of-the-art formula helps reduce the risk of metabolic disorders, while promoting sound growth and excellent body condition. There are gauranteed levels of biotin to support muscle, hair coat and hoof development.   Features

  • 7% fat, 14% protein, 15% fiber
  • Ideal blend of nutrients provides a balanced source of energy
  • Guaranteed Amino Acid levels to support muscle development and maintenance
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient digestion and digestive health
  • Organic trace minerals for immune support, increased bioavailability and improved skin, hair and hoof quality.

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