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Wood Pellets

If you enjoy the economy and warmth of heating with wood pellets, CountryMax has you covered. We carry high quality, hardwood Timber Heat pellets, and give you two reasons to choose CountryMax.


That’s right. Purchase a season’s worth of pellets, and pick them up whenever you need them. Why store all that tonnage in your garage or shed. We have a warehouse at every store, so we can keep them for you!

SAVE $10 per ton!

From September 1 to October 31, 2022, you’ll get $10 OFF per ton of wood pellets. Prices may vary based on the market, but CountryMax gives you savings when you need it most.

All wood pellet sales are in-store pick-up only.

Minimum purchase required for free buy & hold service. See store team member for complete details.  

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