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Real World Pet Food Guarantee

We’re already your best priced option for pet food, but if you find a cheaper pet price at one of the “big guys” – online or in a store – we’ll match it. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does “Pet Food” mean in this context?
A:  Our “Real World Pet Food Guarantee” refers to dog and cat food in any form – dry, canned or frozen. At this time, it does not extend to other pets of any kind. In addition, it does not include anything considered a “treat”.


Q:  Can the product being price-matched be close to the item in the CountryMax store, but not identical?
A:  No. Price matching is valid on exact product matches – brand, variety, flavor and weight of the item must be identical. No exceptions; and no matching in other ways, such as per-pound price.


Q:  What are the sale pricing, and other non-regular pricing, restrictions on the price matching in-store?
A:  CountryMax cannot price match on recurring “Autoship” pricing, site-wide or category sale pricing (i.e. 20% Off All Dog Food Today; 20% Off Site-wide, flash sales, etc.) or “BOGO” (Buy One, Get One) offers. The same restriction applies to one-time offers (15% Off First Order); we will match eligible online retailers everyday pricing only. Loyalty discounts, reward certificates and other retailer-sponsored rewards are not eligible for matching. Clearance pricing is not eligible for matching. Products must not be currently backordered or discounted at qualifying online retailer to be eligible.


Q:  Which brands of pet food are eligible for price matching in-store?
A:  Brands that CountryMax currently carries in-store are eligible for price matching. Other brands – whether national, private or in-house brands– are not eligible. Brands that are currently carried in CountryMax stores are the only pet food products eligible for price matching. This means pet foods that are not discounted in our system, or foods that we may have previously carried, are not eligible.


Q:  When does price matching occur?
A:  We will honor a price match only at the time of original purchase. Previous purchases may not be retroactively price matched.


Q:  Is there a limit to the quantity of bags/bags/etc. that can be price matched?
A:  CountryMax reserves the right to limit quantities as necessary on a case-by-case basis.


Q:  Who is considered a qualifying retailer?
A:  Established online retailers who are not resale outlets are the ONLY qualifying online retailers. Examples such as,,, etc. are qualified online retailers. Third-party sellers on who are charging lower retail costs, but making it up in shipping or resale third-party sites (Craigslist, eBay, etc.) are NOT qualified online retailers.


Q:  Are special orders eligible for price matching?
A:  Special orders are not eligible for price matching at this time.

CountryMax reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue the “Real World Pet Food Guarantee” at any time, without warning or notification. Our program is designed to reward loyal customers for choosing CountryMax for their pet food needs, and abuse of the program can lead to customer-specific revoking of guarantee, as well as overall discontinuing or price matching program.

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