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VIP Pet Care Clinics

CountryMax is partnered with VIP Pet Care Clinics to offer our customers convenient, preventative pet care clinics at select CountryMax stores.

2022 Locations, Dates & Times

Thurs, June 30 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, July 14 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, July 28 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Aug. 11 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Aug. 25 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Sept. 8 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Sept. (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Oct. 6 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Oct. 20 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Nov. 3 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Nov. 17 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Dec. 1 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Dec. 15 (4pm-6pm)

Thurs, Dec. 29 (4pm-6pm)

Sat, July 9 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, July 23 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Aug. 20 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Sept. 3 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Sept. 17 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 1 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 29 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Nov. 12 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Nov. 26 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Dec. 10 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sun, July 17 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Aug. 14 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Sept. 11 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Oct. 9 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Nov. 6 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Dec. 4 (10am-11:30am)

Sat, July 9 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, July 23 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Aug. 6 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Aug. 20 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Sept. 3 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Sept. 17 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 1 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 15 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 29 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Nov. 12 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Nov. 26 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, Dec. 10 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, July 3 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, July 17 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, July 31 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Aug. 14 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Aug. 28 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Sept. 11 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Sept. 25 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Oct. 9 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Oct. 23 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Nov. 6 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Nov. 20 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Dec. 4 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sun, Dec. 18 (1pm-2:30pm)

Sat, July 16 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Aug. 13 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Sept. 10 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Oct. 8 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Nov. 5 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sat, Dec. 3 (4pm-5:30pm)

Sun, July 10 (9:30-11am)

Sun, July 24 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Aug. 7 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Aug. 21 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Sept. 4 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Sept. 18 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Oct. 2 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Oct. 16 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Oct. 30 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Nov.13 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Nov. 27 (9:30-11am)

Sun, Dec. 11 (9:30-11am)

Sun, July 3 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, July 31 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Aug. 28 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Sept. 25 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Oct. 23 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Nov. 20 (10am-11:30am)

Sun, Dec. 18 (10am-11:30am)

Sat, July 9 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, July 23 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Aug. 6 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Aug. 20 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Sept. 3 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Sept 17 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Oct. 1 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Oct. 15 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Oct. 29 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Nov. 12 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Nov. 26 (9:30am-11am)

Sat, Dec. 10 (9:30am-11am)

Sun, July 3 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, July 31 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, Aug. 28 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, Sept. 25 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, Oct. 23 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, Nov. 20 (1:30pm-3pm)

Sun, Dec. 18 (1:30pm-3pm)

VIP PetCare mobile non-emergency vet clinic will be at this CountryMax location offering preventive veterinary care, including microchipping, deworming, canine influenza vaccines, and more. 

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