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Nutrena Rice Bran Fortified Pelleted Horse Supplement 40 Pounds


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Nutrena Rice Bran Fortified Pelleted Horse Supplement 40 Pounds

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SKU: 55388016  UPC: 756637231996 

40.00 LBS

Nutrena Fortified Pelleted Rice Bran is an extruded fat supplement. Designed for show, and performance horses and hard keepers - with 18% fat - it supports muscle development and hoof condition. This formula is easily mixed in with other grains to help enhance your horse's feeding program. Legends is a premium horse feed line, formulated with advanced technology and the most comprehensive current research for your horse's nutritional needs. Our Legends Supplements are additives which have been developed to supplement the nutritional demands of different dietary needs.

  • Natural High Fat Content 18% - Provides additional calories for performance or weight gain without hyperactivity.
  • Protein - 10-12%
  • Pelleted Formula - Mixes well in grain mixes.
  • High Vitamin E Content - Which enhances antioxidant protection for optimal immune system and muscle function.
  • Elevated Essential Fatty Acids - Support optimum hoof and coat condition (Omega-3 and Omega-6).
  • Balanced Levels of Calcium and Phosphorus - To complement existing feeding program.

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