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Oase Fountain Pump


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Oase Fountain Pump


0.83 LBS

Oase fountain pumps run quietly and efficiently, never getting in the way of creating a peaceful atmosphere for your outdoor living space. The functions and accessories of our fountain pumps allow for a great variety of creative applications and implementations. A bubbling stone, a foam fountain, and a 3 tier water spray are just a few ways to incorporate a modern design aesthetic to your water feature.


  • adjustable flow control and pumpking height
  • Compact design, easy to fit in existing fountains
  • Grounding plate feature, fountain will have unparalleled protection against electrical hazards.
  • 90 GPH Pumps up to 2.6 feet

150 GPH Pumps up to 3.6 feet

  • 170-320 GPH pumps up to 6.2 feet

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