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Lyric Golden Safflower Bird Seed, 5 Lb.


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Lyric Golden Safflower Bird Seed, 5 Lb.


5.00 LBS

Lyric Golden Safflower seeds are a great source of fat and protein that will not attract less desirable birds like starlings and grackles. Attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, nuthatches and chickadees.

  • Has more nutrition and less waste than white safflower. 

Lyric Golden Safflower features NutraSaff™ safflower, an organic, chemical-free hybrid safflower. It has higher nutrition content than white safflower: 15% more oil, 25% higher protein, and 30% higher fat.

Nutrasaff™ has an extremely thin hull making it easier for birds to eat and digest.

Keep the Squirrels away! Squirrels typically do not like the taste of safflower. Using Lyric Golden Safflower provides the dual benefit of high nutrition for birds and a taste that deters squirrels.

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