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Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Black Magic Deer Attractant 4.5 Pounds


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Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Black Magic Deer Attractant 4.5 Pounds


6.50 LBS

Deer Co-Cain Black Magic Mix immediately attracts deer to your site during every season of the year due to it's powerful mineral and flavor attractants. Put out "Black Magic" to keep it active and immediately start patterning deer to your supplement sites. You'll quickly discover the magic of the Deer co-Cain "Black Magic" formula that drives deer crazy to consume minerals from your sites.

Black Magic is enriched with Calcium, Phosphorus and Sodium to increase the overall health of your deer herd.

Where & When

"Black Magic" works all year, although deer actually consume different amounts of minerals during each season of the year. By instinct, deer pattern themselves all year around mineral sources that they can depend on to supply them with the minerals that they need during each season. "Black Magic" works like no other product to bring deer into new mineral sites all year long. See the "Mineral Site-Activity Chart" below to know what to expect each season.


  • Early Spring - Heavy consumption of minerals by does carrying fawns, and bucks building up mineral reserves needed in new antler growth after their antlers drop.
  • Spring - Heavy consumption of minerals by lactating does, and by bucks using up mineral reserves growing new racks.
  • Summer - Consumption of minerals by both does and bucks to aid them in many areas including digestion and antler development.
  • Fall - Consumption continues into the fall as deer begin to prepare for cold weather.
  • Winter - Consumption continues throughout the winter period. However, during the rut... doe consumption will increase and buck consumption decreases. Mineral sites are often used by rutting bucks that have frequented their site.

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