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Cavalor Juniorix Textured Horse Feed, 44 Lbs. (2-4 Week Lead Time)

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Cavalor Juniorix Textured Horse Feed, 44 Lbs. (2-4 Week Lead Time)

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44.00 LBS

Cavalor Juniorix Textured Horse Feed, 44 Lbs. (2-4 Week Lead Time) is specially formulated for young horses from about 1-3 years old. Use Probreed up to 1 year old. During the time when the young horse fully develops, playful yearlings need specific growth-sup¬porting nutritional elements. Those nutrients guarantee the progressive growth of bones, joints and organs. Cavalor® Juniorix is formulated to support steady and healthy growth which is crucial to the development of strong and healthy horses. This feed is designed to ensure proper bone, tendon and joint development by supplying the perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio and optimal availability of copper, zinc and manganese.


  • Indication For Use: Always give Juniorix in addition to sufficient (at least 5 kg) forage (hay, etc.). Daily amount per animal: 400g per 100kg body weight
  • Designed for Young Horses 1-3 Years Old: Young horses need the correct balance of protein, energy and especially minerals. The proper mineral balance will ensure optimal bone and joint development thereby reducing the risk for developmental disorders. Cavalor® Juniorix has an optimal balance of the nutrients needed to support steady growth of the growing horse including protein, energy and especially its minerals.
  • Steady Growth In Young Horses: Diet plays an essential role to ensure steady energy and nutrients are provided without causing huge peaks and lows. A steady growth curve is essential in young horses to avoid negatively impacting bone and cartilage development. Providing properly balanced energy and nutrients to prevent huge peaks and lows allows for optimal and steady growth. Because growing bone and cartilage are vulnerable during the first years of life, both excess and lack of nutrients can impact proper skeletal development and cause health issues.
  • Helps Reduce Risk of OCD Problems: It’s important to not only have adequate amounts of key minerals, but also the correct ratios. Minerals are highly interactive with each other and one mineral can increase or decrease the availability of the other. A proper mineral balance will ensure optimal bone/joint development and thereby reduce the risk for OCD.

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