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Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter 24 QT Bag


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Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter 24 QT Bag

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SKU: 276867  UPC: 096316113022 

11.95 LBS

Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter is made of premium ground bark from douglas firs harvested in the USA. This natural liner is loose and light to encourage the natural burrowing tendencies of reptiles and amphibians from a variety of habitats. Fir bark retains moisture and evenly distributes heat throughout the terrarium for an ideal environment to maintain the health of cold-blooded pets. It's an ideal bedding choice for chameleons, frogs, rainforest geckos, salamanders and newts. 


  • 100% organic, made from Additive-free douglas fir bark and oven dried to eliminate pests 
  • Promotes free and even transfer of heat and helps maintain humidity & moisture inside the enclosure 
  • Loose and light enough to encourage natural burrowing behavior 
  • Ideal bedding depth in enclosure is 1 to 2-inches, remove and replace bedding as needed 
  • Ideal for chameleons, frogs, snakes, skinks and rainforest geckos.

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