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Valley Forge White Adjustable Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket, 1"


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Valley Forge White Adjustable Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket, 1"

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SKU: 0329441  UPC: 093581607546 

1.15 LBS

Valley Forge White Adjustable Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket, 1" provides one of the easiest ways to display your American flag. This flagpole mounting kit includes all the hardware you need to mount your flagpole to a wall or to a strong post. Made from durable cast aluminum, this flagpole bracket is built to withstand outdoor weather. The bracket comes with the necessary screws for securing it to a vertical wooden surface. The bracket can be attached to an outside wall of your house, or to a sturdy wooden post. Mount your flag in your front yard, on your house, or near a garden. Once secured to a sturdy surface, the bracket allows your flagpole to be mounted at thirteen different angles. You can fly your flag horizontally at a 90-degree angle to your house, allowing the flag to hang downward. Alternatively, this mounting bracket can also support the flagpole at a steeper upward angle, or at some angle in between. Depending on the wind speed, your flag may look better when flown at different angles. To change the position of the bracket, loosen the wing bolt and turn the bracket to the desired angle, then tighten the wing bolt. However you fly your flag, this bracket securely holds your flagpole. Use the included thumb screw to tighten the bracket’s hold on the pole. This prevents the pole from being pulled out of the bracket. This bracket is designed to hold a standard one-inch diameter flagpole. It can be used to hold a wooden pole or a metal pole. The bracket itself is small enough to not distract from the beauty of your flag, but large enough to securely hold a flagpole. Display your American pride with this Multi-Position Flagpole Mounting Bracket.

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