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Turf Line Maximum Green 4 Step Lawn Program


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Turf Line Maximum Green 4 Step Lawn Program

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SKU: 7095  UPC: 022399002144 

72.00 LBS

TURF LINE's Maximum Green Premium 4 Step Lawn Care Program is the best do-it-yourself four-step lawn maintenance program available. It is a comprehensive and balanced program that provides all the necessary fertilizers, nutrients, weed and insect control, in one easy-to-use program.

Turf Line Crabgrass Preventer Plus 22-0-8 Fertilizer - For Spring Application

  • Nothing will give your lawn a good head start in spring like TURFLINE Crabgrass Preventer. It prevents crabgrass while feeding your lawn with fertilizer and essential plant nutrients.
  • Contains 22-0-8, NPK Fortified Fertilizer

Turf Line Weed Killer Plus 22-0-8 Fertilizer - For Late Spring, Early Summer Application

  • Controls unsightly broadleaf weeds with three of the most advanced herbicides on the market, plus, it feeds your lawn with the essential nutrients.
  • Eliminates Dandelions and Other Broadleaf and Viney Weeds
  • Contains 22-0-8 FertilizerNPK Fortified

Turf Line Maximum Green Turf 22-0-8 Fertilizer

New improved Turf Line Maximum Green Fertilizers 22-0-8 formula contains 4% Iron for a deep green lawn. 50% Slow Release nitrogen won't burn your lawn, and may be used anytime.

  • Powered by Premium Stabilized Nitrogen, Turf Line Maximum Green Fertilizer provides consistent feeding for 6 to 8 weeks, regardless of soil temperature or weather.

Turf Line Winterizer Fertilizer 24-0-10 – For Fall Application

  • Prepares your lawn for the cold weather and is specifically formulated for fall use when seeding or overseeding. It encourages root development and thickens turf without excessive leaf growth. This enables the lawn to better withstand the rigors of winter and hastens spring recovery.

Available in 5,000 and 10,000 square foot coverage

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