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Omega One Freeze Dried Bloodworms, .46oz


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Omega One Freeze Dried Bloodworms, .46oz

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SKU: OS00301  UPC: 698220003019 

0.03 LBS

The Omega One Freeze Dried Bloodworms are a safe and nutritious alternative to live food. This nutritious treat for freshwater and marine fish is high in protein for healthy growth and contains essential vitamins and minerals. These bloodworms are great for bettas, gourami and other freshwater and marine species.


  • Bloodworms are freeze-dried to lock in taste and nutrition and are as nutritious as live food without the risk of bacteria or parasites
  • High protein content makes this food particularly effective as a conditioning food for breeding fish
  • Low ash and higher quality proteins mean less pollution in the tank
  • Fresh natural fats for incredible appetite stimulation and energy
  • Perfect to be fed as a treat or a snack
Blood Worms.

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