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Netherland Bulb German Red Garlic 2 Pack


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Netherland Bulb German Red Garlic 2 Pack


0.75 LBS

Netherland Bulb German Red Garlic, while adaptable, is especially well-suited for cold winters. It's bulbs are strong and spicy with a robust flavor, and the cloves are easy to peel, which makes them a favorite for chefs and foodies. Bulbs are fairly uniform and have thin, purple-brown skin.

Planting and Maintenance Info:

  1. Harvest fall planted garlic the following season, late spring or early summer, about 240 days from planting.
  2. Harvest spring planted garlic the same season, about 90 days from planting.
  3. Averages 14 cloves per bulb.
  4. Hardneck.

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