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Lixit Blue Beauty Chinchilla Dust Bath 3Lbs


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Lixit Blue Beauty Chinchilla Dust Bath 3Lbs

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SKU: 038089  UPC: 076711006051 

3.40 LBS

Lixit Blue Beauty Chinchilla Dust Bath keeps your chinchilla perfectly groomed with the Lixit Chinchilla Dust Bath. Taking a vigorous dust bath is part of their natural behavior, and it’s how they keep their coat clean, healthy, and incredibly lush. And besides keeping their fur in great shape, it’s actually enjoyable for your exotic pet to take a roll. Known as beauty dust, this special formula does just that with its very fine aluminum silicate powder, which is sustainably mined from southern California and contains no limestone, glass, or sand. Plus, it shakes completely out of the fur so your pet is immediately back to his luxurious self.  Features:   Grooming dust for chinchillas or other small animals that require or enjoy dust baths. For use with the Lixit Chinchilla Dry Bath. 


  • 100% all-natural dust is sustainably mined from the Blue Cloud Mine in Southern California. 
  • Aluminum silicate powder contains zero limestone, glass, or sand 
  • Very fine powder shakes completely out of fur and helps to keep the coat soft, free of mats, and gorgeous. 
  • Three-pound jar comes with a scoop for easy filling.
  • Made in the USA. 

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