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K9 Advantix II Dog Flea & Tick Treatment 4 Pack 21-55 Lbs.


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K9 Advantix II Dog Flea & Tick Treatment 4 Pack 21-55 Lbs.

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For dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older weighing 21-55 pounds.

K9 Advantix® II combines imidacloprid, permethrin and pyriproxyfen to repel and kill ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes that may cross your dog's path. Imidacloprid and permethrin attack the above parasites' nerve cells at different sites, causing them to become paralyzed and die. Pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator, affects the early flea stages to prevent development of the flea to the next stage. When combined, these three compounds repel and kill ticks, fleas and mosquitoes and prevent the development of all flea life stages.


  • 5-Way Repel & Kill Pest Protection for dogs – fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, lice.
  • Repels & kills all life stages of fleas and prevents fleas on treated dogs from infesting your home.Waterproof.

K9 Advantix® II 5-Way Repel & Kill Pest Protection:

  • Helps prevent ticks from attaching: With K9 Advantix® II, most ticks are repelled and killed before they can attach, which may reduce the risk of transmitting disease-causing organisms to the host.
  • Repels and kills fleas: K9 Advantix® II offers protection against fleas, flea eggs, larvae (maggots) and pupae (cocoons). Kills fleas on dogs within 12 hours after initial application.
  • Repels mosquitoes: K9 Advantix® II protects your dog from mosquitoes which may reduce the pain, discomfort, itchiness and immune responses caused by mosquito bites.
  • Repels and prevents biting flies from blood-feeding: Biting flies can cause severe stress to dogs. K9 Advantix® II tames the nuisance of biting flies by preventing them from blood-feeding on your dog.
  • Effectively treats chewing lice: K9 Advantix® II kills up to 100% of chewing lice within one week and may last for up to a month.

Please Note: Due to a cat's unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, K9 Advantix® II MUST NOT BE USED ON CATS.


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