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Instant Ocean Reef Crystal Reef Salt 160 Gallons


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Instant Ocean Reef Crystal Reef Salt 160 Gallons


47.00 LBS

Instant Ocean Reef Crystal Reef Salt are easy-to-use and provide all of the necessary elements required for a healthy coral environment. Extra calcium, trace elements and vitamins promote growth and support the health of a variety of corals; including stony corals, coralline algae, anemones and other invertebrates. Built-in metal detoxifier goes a step farther to neutralize traces of heavy metals often found in domestic water supplies.

Helps to detoxify excess heavy metals, such as copper. Provides superior dissolvability and is compatible with all marine aquariums.

  • Feature extra calcium to promote growth of large and small polyp stony corals and coralline algae
  • Extra trace elements ensure vigorous growth
  • Metal detoxifier neutralizes traces of heavy metal often found in domestic water supplies
  • Makes 160 Gallons

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