Hikari Bio-Pure FD Blood Worms, .42 Ounce


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Hikari Bio-Pure FD Blood Worms, .42 Ounce


0.20 LBS
Hikari Bio Pure FD Blood Worms are enriched with multi-vitamins to reduce stress and stress related illness for your fish. Freeze dried blood worms are an excellent daily food or treat for all tropical fish that is free of parasites and harmful bacteria. The technologically advanced freeze-drying process maintains original nutrition, flavor, and texture previously only available with live blood worms. Oxygen absorbers and nitrogen charging significantly reduce oxidation. - Loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins to improve the overall health of your pet while reducing stress and stress related disease. - Nitrogen charging and oxygen absorbers packed inside each can maintain freshness while reducing the chances of fatty acid oxidation common with competitive items. - The higher protein levels allow you to use this food as a daily diet or treat.

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