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Fluker's Hermit Headquarters Hermit Beach Sand Substrate 6Lb Bag


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Fluker's Hermit Headquarters Hermit Beach Sand Substrate 6Lb Bag


6.00 LBS

Fluker’s Hermit Beach Sand Substrate is the key to keeping your hermit crab happy and healthy through her entire lifespan. This mixture is a perfectly balanced blend of carefully selected, natural materials, including sand, coconut fiber, salt and calcium carbonate, to provide a great consistency for burrowing. Probiotic is also added to help with the breaking down of organic waste, keeping your hermit crab’s habitat clean. This blend is made to be non-stick, with no harmful colors or dyes added. 


  • Premium blend of natural sand, coconut fiber, calcium carbonate, sea salt mix and probiotics is the superior choice for healthy land hermit crabs 
  • Promote natural tunnel digging & healthy molting. Hermit crabs dig to hunt for food and when it is time to molt. It is very important to fill your crab's habitat with enough moist sand for the molting process.
  • The deep moist sand protects your crab during the molting process and prevents dehydration, which is vital for your crab's longevity. 
  • Silica sand packs well and the coconut fiber helps with water retention.
  • Calcium and sea salt replicate the exact sand hermit crabs find in their natural environment.
  • Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) help maintain a clean environment. 
  • Non-stick blend won't cling to your crab like calcium carbonate "sand" 
  • No harmful colors or dyes added 

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