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Farnam Flysect Super-7 With Sprayer 32 Ounce


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Farnam Flysect Super-7 With Sprayer 32 Ounce


1.94 LBS

Farnam Flysect Super-7 With Sprayer is an all-in-one equine insect control spray which combines insecticides, repellents and skin moisturizers. This versatile solution combines scientifically-formulated insecticides with natural pyrethrins and synthetic permethrin to kill and control a variety of insects. It also contains Aloe Vera and lanolin to help condition the skin and coat and soothe bug bites. It's specially formulated to control and repel face, stable and house flies as well as ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, mites, chiggers and lice for up to 10 days. Just simply mist over the entire body as you groom.

  • Combination of insecticide and repellent spray protects your horse
  • Contains Aloe Vera and lanoliun to help moisture the skin and coat
  • Controls gnats, flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, ticks and lice

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