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Blue Seal Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite Horse Feed, 50 Lbs.


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Blue Seal Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite Horse Feed, 50 Lbs.

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SKU: 1175  UPC: 639139008962 

50.00 LBS

Blue Seal Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite Horse Feed, 50 Lbs. is a mineral and vitamin supplement designed to balance the nutritional deficiencies of grass or mixed grass/legume hay and pasture for horses of all ages, weights, classifications and performance levels. It contains all the minerals and vitamins necessary for normal metabolism, growth, performance, reproduction and health. Min-A-Vite Lite is an ideal feed for horses requiring minimal t no grain ration without the worry of additional weight gain. It can also be fed as a supplement to any Blue Seal grain ration to provide additional minerals and vitamins as needed.Features and Benefits

Palatable, Restricted Calorie Pellet - Natural flavor enhances palatability to ensure intake of critical nutrients. The pelleting process results in a highly digestible, easy to feed form of minerals and vitamins while the concentrated formula and low feeding rate keeps the caloric content low enough for horses with weight gain issues.

Balanced Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio - As major structural elements of skeletal tissue, calcium and phosphorus are critical for proper bone growth, development, and strength. Min-A-Vite LiteGäó will help provide the proper balance and ratio of calcium and phosphorus to horses fed grass or mixed grass hay and pasture.

Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese, Plus Bio-Available Selenium - Optimum levels and ratios are supplied to help ensure a balanced diet for maintenance and performance. Chelated trace mineral supplementation is important for overall reproductive performance and efficiency in breeding mares and stallions. The more biologically available forms support the immune system and sustain optimal metabolic function.

B-Complex Vitamins (including Biotin) - Added B vitamins aid in the efficient breakdown and transformation of nutrients into usable energy, especially during conditions of stress. B-vitamins are involved in the maintenance and strength of bones and joints, as well as the maintenance and production of healthy skin, hair and hoof tissues.

Vitamins A and D - Addition of stable and bioactive vitamin sources assure that horses receive a proper balance of vitamins A and D to guard against deficiencies and maintain optimal health and metabolism.

Yeast Culture - Sustains a healthy microbial fermentation in the equine hind-gut, helping to minimize digestive upsets and support efficient nutrient digestibility.Advanced Antioxidant Package - Selenium, Vitamin E and Stable Vitamin C are potent antioxidants, supporting tissue integrity and function while maximizing immune response for sustained health, performance and reproductive efficiency.

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