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Feeding Wild Birds

Quite simply, it’s fun, fascinating and beneficial to birds and our environment!

Wild birds are among the most crucial aspects of a healthy, balanced ecosystem – spreading and pollinating seeds and berries, eating insects, providing food for natural predators and so much more.

Feeding wild birds gives them an opportunity to stabilize and normalize population levels that may be challenged by humans and predators. Wild birds use backyard feeders as supplements to their natural feeding behaviors, and turn to these sources when natural food is lacking due to weather, loss of habitat or lack of native plant life.

One more reason:

incredible photographs!

By providing a backyard filled with well-maintained bird feeders, you create a natural outdoor “studio” where you can capture all the beauty, color and detail of wild bird species in your area. In just a few short months you’ll be amazed by the variety and volume of stunning shots you can take. Have fun!

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