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Dog Wash

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Dog Wash

  • Self Serve
          • No appointment Necessary
          • Private, enclosed room
          • Clean and comfortable environment
        • Up to 25 minutes
        • Shampoo provided
        • Towel available for $2 extra


 Dirty dog?

Take him to Batavia CountryMaxBaldwinsville CountryMaxBrockport CountryMax, Cicero CountryMaxCortland CountryMax, DeWitt CountryMaxFairport CountryMax, Henrietta CountryMaxOntario CountryMax, Oswego CountryMax or Spencerport CountryMax for a self-serve dog wash!

Tired of breaking your back, scratching the walls of your tub, and finding soapy dog hairs stuck over every inch of your bathtub (and bathroom!)? Bring your dirty pup in and get ‘em clean down to the roots without getting it all over you in the process! Our rooms have raised tubs to bring your dog up to your level to use our warm water, automatic shampoo dispensers, scrubbing brushes, and convenient “grooming loop” tie downs to make sure they don’t go anywhere during the process!


After you’ve finished scrubbing, dry them down with super-absorbent chamois towels (towels provided for $2 or bring in your own towels from home for free) and high powered noise-reduced air blowers to get all the parts that are tough to towel off. Just $10 gets you 25 minutes with all of the above benefits, plus a clean and comfortable enclosed environment that is designed to cut down on “distractions” that can make your dog more interested in something (anything) other than washing at home!

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More questions? Come on in to any of the listed CountryMax stores to check it out yourself- see you there! 




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