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Capewell Horse Tuff Stuff, 7.5 oz.


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Capewell Horse Tuff Stuff, 7.5 oz.


0.60 LBS

Tuff Stuff is an acetone-based hoof conditioner and contains a unique cellulose-bonding agent to help retain moisture within the hoof walls. It works with the hoof, unlike many oil-based conditioners that coat the hoof's exterior surface with a protective barrier that simply prevents water absorption. With Tuff Stuff, it actually helps naturally strengthen the hoof wall with with every application. This is ideal for brittle, shelly, mushy or cracked hoof walls. It also helps against fungus, bacteria, and damage from casustic solutions. Add once a week to shod or unshod hooves. The instant-dry formula doesn't collect dust or bedding and creates a beautiful, show-quality shine. The versatile design is a must for wet or dry weather.

  • Strengthen brittle, shelly, mushy or cracked hoof walls
  • Acetone-based solution maintains natural moisture levels in hooves
  • Creates a beautiful shine that guards against fungus and bacteria

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