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Backyard Bird Life: July

Looks like July will be the hottest on record in many parts of the country. Even in normal years, it’s an important time to keep your birdbaths and fountains running with fresh water. Why do birds love water so much? Many reasons:

Hydration. Just like you and me, birds need to stay hydrated by drinking water every day.

Staying clean. Birdbaths are aptly named. The water helps birds keep their plumage clean.

Sight and sound. Birds are attracted to moving water, perhaps because they know it’s more likely to be fresh.

Cooling off! In July, water is an important relief from the heat of summer.

A Yellow Warbler in the birdbath.

After a spring season of breeding, it’s time for molting, often in July. Quite simply, molt is the replacement of feathers. Every bird needs to do it because, like our skin, feathers don’t last forever. Sunshine and usage take their toll. So once each year birds grow a completely new set of feathers. 

While in the process, birds can be quite vulnerable to predators. They’re less agile in the air, and sometime their natural camouflage is less effective, too. That’s why so many birds lay low in July and into August. For the same reason, they may not sing as much. This makes it more challenging…and more rewarding to spot birds in mid to late summertime.

If you were born in July, your birthday bird is a Bald Eagle. Known for their quiet confidence, the majestic Bald Eagle has, of course, been our nation’s national emblem since 1782. 

For more about Bald Eagles and where to find them in Upstate New York, click here

With hundreds of participants, our first-ever Oriole & Hummingbird photo contest was a big success. Check out the top 4 photos!

You guessed it! Black oil sunflower seed. Birds love it all year long. Lucky for you we’ve lowered the price. Check it out

Sure, birds can be a nuisance in your vegetable garden. But ornamental gardens benefit from feathered visitors.

Birds are nature’s way of spreading seeds and fertilizing the soil. If you have pesky insects, birds will eat them. In fact, the more wildlife you bring to your summer flower gardens, the healthier they will grow!

You may have seen it in last month’s page, but these products are even more important throughout July and August. Your neighborhood country store has more than 20 birdbath options to choose from, including these five popular products.

Bloem® White Plastic Bird Bath

Easy to assemble, this affordable white plastic bird bath is made in U.S. Attract birds to new places in your backyard.

Birdbath Water Wiggler

The agitator action creates continuous ripples in the water attracting birds and preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs in the bath.

Esschert® Ceramic Oval Bird Bath 

Featuring a delicate little bird gazing at his reflection, this adorable US-made bird bath sits on the ground and welcomes the birds of summer. Comes in white, green or blue.

Panacea Glass Peacock

Bird Bath with Stand

Artful glass with a distinctive peacock pattern, this takes your backyard bird game to a whole new level. 


Water Cooler Bird Waterer 

Simple, affordable alternative. Its unique shape allows birds to have their own type of water cooler to gather around.  Ergonomic handle makes filling and carrying easy. 

Some backyard birders aren’t happy until they’ve seen 25 different species in one season. How about you? Tell us how many kinds of birds you’ve seen at your feeders or in your yard. Post on Facebook or Instagram…and be sure to mention @CountryMax_Stores. 

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