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Backyard Bird Life: April

They’re on the way – hummingbirds and orioles will be in your backyard within the next few weeks. Are you ready for them? Check out the Hummingbird tracker below to see where the latest sightings are. In the meantime, we’ve collected some facts, figures, tips and tricks to help you attract these fascinating flyers to your feeders.  

Our Backyard Bird Winter Photo Contest was a huge success! More than 250 people sent in shots of birds in their backyards. So we’re doing it again! Take shots now of the hummingbirds and orioles when they arrive…and enter them in our May Wild Bird Photo Contest. Watch for details soon!

1.  Hummers have amazing memories 

Even though they’re small, these birds are quite bright. They remember all the flowers and feeders they visit. In fact, a hummingbird's brain is the largest proportionally – 4.2% -- of any wild bird. So have that nectar ready and they’ll remember you!  

2.  More than 350 hummingbird species

Many of these species make their way to upstate New York. The most common in our area is the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. This year, why not see how many different types you can identify. 

3.  Some hummers build nests near hawks

Hawks think hummingbirds are too small for a meal. So, nesting near hawks keeps other predators (squirrels, jays, etc.) at a safe distance!

4.  Just like humans, hummingbirds love sugar

Because they’re so active, hummers can eat more than twice their body weight every day. And glucose is their fav! 

5.  Clean hummingbird feeders often 

Like all bird feeders, regular cleaning is required. For hummingbird feeders, it’s especially important because sugary nectar can get sticky and messy, attracting contaminants. Once a week cleaning with a vinegar-water solution is a good schedule. 

6.  50 times per second!

That’s how fast hummers beat their wings. More than a quarter of their body weight is in the pectoral muscles, which is why they hover and move with such precision.

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Eastern bluebirds tend to return to the same breeding territory year after year. Some people believe they’re a sign of joy and hope. Others claim that if you see a bluebird, good news is on its way.

Regardless of symbolism, bluebirds are brightly colored and fun to watch at a feeder or birdhouse. If you want to attract them, mealworms are their favorite food, which you can get at CountryMax, of course. We also have bird houses specially designed for these popular birds. 

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Bluebird House

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One of the best ways to keep nesting birds coming back to your feeders is to provide a safe nesting place nearby.

Here are some tips:


Birds won’t choose to nest in a spot that’s easily accessed by predators. It’s a good idea to install your birdhouse on a metal pole, which will prevent some predators from accessing it. 



Choose a location where you can secure the nest box well so that it doesn’t move around too much. You don’t want to risk a big gust of wind startling your nesting  birds away permanently.


Birds avoid areas that get a lot of human, pet, even bird traffic!  Birds are territorial and unwanted visitors showing up to eat will drive nesting birds away. 


Solution: Typically, you’ll want to have at least 25 ft (7.5 m) between birdhouses, but this distance can vary greatly depending on each species.


You need access for cleaning and maintenance. Despite that fact that you want to minimize traffic around the bird house, you can’t just set it and forget it.



Clear a path to your birdhouse for easy access. And keep an eye on it. Make sure you have a clear line of sight from your preferred viewing area.

Another Birdhouse Option:
Nature’s Way® Bluebird House with Viewing Window

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