Penn Plax Glass Marbles Pink/Peach Gem-Stones 90 Count


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Penn Plax Glass Marbles Pink/Peach Gem-Stones 90 Count


0.50 LBS

Penn Plax GemStones Decorative Aquarium Stones are the perfect addition to your aquarium! Made of 100% glass, these translucent stones will brighten your aquarium with sparkling colors. Available in several styles & colors to match any aquarium, these solid glass stones refract light creating a sea of color and bringing your aquarium decor to life. GemStones allow you to anchor your plants and other aquarium decor items, and make the perfect base for your aquarium. Gemstones are safe for your aquatic pets and the smooth glass surface makes them easy to clean. Each bag comes with approximately 90 GemStones, and you can mix & match colors & designs to match your aquarium and home decor. Also great for adding a colorful base to your planters, vases, bowls and other decorative home items.

  • Decorative & smooth glass stones add color and refract light.
  • Translucent soft colored stones with a reflexive pearl-like finish.
  • Mix & match colors & styles to give your aquarium a professional look.
  • Made from 100% glass and safe for your fish.
  • Also great for vases and other home decor uses.

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