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Zilla Jump-Start Caloric Supplement&Appetite Reptile Stimulant 4.25oz


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Zilla Jump-Start Caloric Supplement&Appetite Reptile Stimulant 4.25oz


0.25 LBS

Zilla Jump-Start Caloric Supplement & Appetite Reptile Stimulant gives your reptile extra energy to help him recover from periods of disrupted eating. A number of factors can lead to erratic feeding patterns, including breeding, illness, anorexia and everyday sluggishness. Jump-Start helps to put your pet reptile back on a normal eating schedule by providing extra calories and essential vitamins in a concentrated supplement. 


  • Gives reptiles healthy, concentrated dose of calories and vitamins 
  • Resealable tube and syringe are included 
  • Helps recover a normal eating pattern that may have been disrupted from breeding, illness and not eating properly to everyday sluggishness 
  • Stimulates your pet's appetite and provides an energy boost 
  • Made in the USA

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