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Whiff Deer Deterrent 10 Soap Bars


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Whiff Deer Deterrent 10 Soap Bars


0.05 LBS

Protect your trees with Whiff Deer Deterrent soap bars - the most effective deer repellent soap bars on the market. Made especially for orchard use, Wiff has a strong, long lasting scent that will keep deer away.

How it Works:

Whiff is an effective aid to discourage the browsing habits of deer. Its strong, long lasting scent makes deer uncomfortable to stand and browse.

  • 10 PER BOX
  • The base is a tallow by-product manufactured from animal fats.
  • Whiff soap is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and made in the USA.
  • Whiff Soap bars are optimal for new plantings and last the duration of the season.
  • For first year plantings, one bar per plant provides the best protection.

Please note: Soap Bars are pre-drilled and come with a twist tie.


Leave outside wrapper intact. Secure with twist-tie onto branch or trunk at 3' - 4' height. For best results apply immediately after planting to prevent deer presence from becoming established. Re-apply as needed. Generally effective for six months.



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