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Southern States White Clover 3 Pounds


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Southern States White Clover 3 Pounds


3.00 LBS

Southern States White Clover is perfect for seeding pastures, is a very nutritious forage for livestock, and a choice food for deer and elk. In moist soils, White Clover can also be used for stabilization and erosion control.

  • Very leafy plants 8 to 12 inches tall that spread by stolons (runners) and form shallow roots at nodes.
  • Leaves are non-hairy and usually marked with a white 'V'. White flowers are clustered into heads.
  • Seed are extremely small. Intermediate types of white clover can be expected to reseed naturally while giant or ladino types usually do not reseed well in the lower South.
  • Major use is pasture.
  • Very high quality grazing plant. Bloat can be a problem.
  • Seed are broadcast at 2 to 3 lb./A with tall fescue, orchard grass, or Kentucky bluegrass in September-October.
  • Under favorable growing conditions, white clover can shade out seedling grasses so it may be necessary to graze the clover to reduce competition.
  • Established grass pastures can be over seeded in October-November or February-March

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