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Ancona Chickens


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Ancona Chickens


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Ancona Chickens is an old Italian breed that is known for its ability to lay lots of white shelled eggs. They are a light weight breed that can have either a single or rose comb. The males develop long flowing tail feathers that make them especially eye catching. The plumage is black with white-tipped feathers, this is known as mottling. With each molt, birds tend to get whiter. They have an active temperament and are great foragers, and thanks to their smaller size they eat less than larger breeds. Anconas provide a wonderful combination of eye-catching plumage color, long flowing tails, and high egg production, all while being very feed efficient. Approx. 280 eggs/year| Egg color: White | Mature Weight: Male: 6lbs. Female: 4.5 | Single Comb *AVAILABLE AS STRAIGHT RUN ONLY.

Ordering Information

CountryMax is Western and Central New York's largest supplier of poultry to backyard enthusiasts. In addition to many varieties available for special order, we carry a variety of standard store-stocked breeds from March to April in our stores. It is recommended that you contact your local store directly if you are interested in purchasing rare breeds because they may have them on hand in store immediately. For all other special orders of poultry, the minimum order is 15 birds PER BREED after 15 any number i.e. 16, 21, 32 can be ordered. CountryMax is unable to order in quantities less than 10, and we cannot split orders. Orders will be shipped from the hatchery as available, so CountryMax does not make any promise or imply delivery dates whatsoever. Please note in the comment box your desired ship date and we will make every effort to accommodate but we are at the mercy of hatching dates from the hatchery.

Payment is due with order. No refunds will be given once orders have been placed with the hatchery. Customer must pick up chicks within 2 days following notification of chick delivery or order will be added to store stock and sold. CountryMax does not assume liability for chicks after they leave the premises. CountryMax will do everything we can to correctly identify chick breeds upon pickup, but customer is responsible for making sure correct breed is taken at pickup. The hatchery guarantees a 90% accurate sexing rate- if mis-sexed birds total 10% or more of your order, they must be reported to CountryMax within 16 weeks of pickup. IMPORTANT: SPECIAL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY FROM HATCHERY- PLEASE NOTE PREFERRED SHIP DATE AT PURCHASE AND WE WILL BE IN CONTACT WITH EXACT TIMEFRAME WHEN WE HEAR FROM THE HATCHERY.</P

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