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Country Heritage Advantage Horse 12% Textured Feed, 50#

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Country Heritage Advantage Horse 12% Textured Feed, 50#


50.00 LBS

Country Heritage Advantage Horse 12% Textured Feed is designed to be fed to mares, breeding and maintenance horses. Added fat for additional calories.

Analysis: 12% Protein, 6% Fat, 8% Fiber

Feeding Directions: Start at the lower feeding levels outlined below and adjust to maintain desired body condition.

Activity/Work Level

(LB) Feed/100 LB BW

Maintenance/Early Gestation 0.25-0.5

Light Exercise/Late Gestation

Medium Exercise/Late Gestation 0.75-1.0
Heavy Exercise/Early Lactation 1.0-1.5

Yearlings and 2 year olds








Provide adequate pasture or feed good quality hay at the rate of 1-1.75 LB per 100 LB of bodyweight per day. Provide plenty of fresh clean water at all times except for hot and/or tired horses. Horses should be cooled out properly after exercise before being fed or allowed unlimited water. Salt should be available free choice. 

DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP. This feed contains supplemental Copper

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