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Blue Seal E-Z GO Rounders Horse Treats, 30 Oz.


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Blue Seal E-Z GO Rounders Horse Treats, 30 Oz.


2.00 LBS
EZ-Go™ Rounders® are a highly palatable horse treat that is designed for the horse with joint-related problems.   EZ-Go Rounders are fortified with Glucosamine HCl and marine-source Chondroitin Sulfate — the building blocks of healthy cartilage. Horses that are suffering from joint-related problems either due to age, trauma or inflammation may benefit from EZ-Go Rounders.   Features and Benefits • All-Natural Ingredients - Healthy treats you can feel good about • Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese, Plus Bio-Available Selenium • Vitamin Fortified - Helps protect against deficiencies and maintains optimal health • Unique and highly palatable flavor - Keep your horse coming back for more!   Suggested Feeding Recommendations 5 EZ-GO Rounders provide horses with 3,600 mg of Glucosamine HCI and 1,200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate. As a guide, follow the feeding recommendation below:    
Horse's Weight       800        1,000     1,200
Number of EZ-GO Treats         4            5         6

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