Testimonials for CountryMax


  by Jen
on 10/14/2016

The service is impeccable I do agree as well as the knowledge of the whole staff pertaining to EVERYTHING /ANYTHING to to with any kind of animal. Shall the animal be the domesticated or not, you can see this is due to well run management. The owner (Dewitt location- now Syracuse NY) is very astute and hard working. It is visible that he expects this/ these traits of his employees as well. Great guy.


  by Mary
on 09/26/2016

Thank you so much. I received the seed right away. Thanks again for great service and a great store!

  by Eva
on 08/6/2016


Thank you so much. I received the seed right away. Thanks again for great service and a great store!

  by Leonard
on 07/04/2016

We are always blown away with the staff at the Erie Blvd Countrymax location! Besides being SUPER helpful and ALWAYS courteous, they ALWAYS have what we are looking for & the staff is consistently knowledgeable on the items we know very little to nothing about. The areas in the rear of the store (fish, reptiles, critters, exotic pets, etc...) are sometimes the areas often overlooked by employees. These are not only always stocked very well but are always incredibly clean and inviting throughout. Whenever we need an associate there isn't more then a 10 foot difference between where we stand and an associate ready to help us... & moon you, this is a HIGE store. We make our way over to Erie boulevard twice to three times a month and even though we spend a couple of hundred dollars each time, not only myself and my wife but our special needs son look forward to going into countrymax. From the assante family to all at Countrymax, THANK YOU for doing what you do and we truly look forward to years and years of products, friendly staff & smiles throughout when we do visit.

  by Lori
on 6/27/2016

I want to acknowledge your employee Ben at your DeWitt location. I had just picked up my dog from the groomers and he was very hot and thirsty. They were out of stock of bottle water so Ben filled up an empty water bottle and even walked to my car with me so I could get the dog bowl. This is just one of the reasons that I continue to return to this store over and over. I always have great service in your store but Ben, in my opinion, went above and beyond today!! And my fur baby was happy and ready to shop :)

  by Eva
on 6/18/2016

Hi ~ Great service! Thanks so much.

  by Janet
on 5/26/2016

Got my order for the planters. Just wanted to say what a great experience ordering from your company! Quick delivery, affordable prices, good quality, and best of all made in the USA and recyclable. Will spread the word about your great company!

  by Carolyn S.
on 5/25/2016

I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase. I just happened to find your website the other night, and was a little worried placing my order since I was not familiar with your site or stores. My order arrived today (very quickly, I might add), and the statue is an even better quality than I was expecting! The status is perfect, the price was amazing, and I just wanted to extend my thanks for such a positive and pleasant experience.

  by Anonymous
on 5/20/2016

Henrietta Store let the manager know that Michelle rocks! Three times now I've been walking around looking for something unusual and she is always friendly, positive and very helpful in solving my issues. Will definitely keep going to the new store. Especially with people like Michelle!!!

  by Pamela S.
on 4/30/16

To Whom It May Concern,

Today (4/30/16) my husband and i had visited your spencerport location and were in need of gardening help. A Young man who work at this location Andrew was EXTREMELY helpful. I had left with a complete kit such as seed stating equipment, seeds, soil and a few other things as well as much knowledge to start my garden this year thanks to this young man who spent the time to ask every question and need that my husband and i had. This is why i will continue to keep coming to Countrymax is because of the amazing service and staff that is provided. i thought i would let you guys know and would appreciate it if you could let whomever is in charge know my experience with your store. Much Thanks

  by Darren
on 1/08/2016

Hello I just wanted to say that the Waterloo county Max is AWESOME. They are helpful, friendly, and have just about everything I need for my reptiles. Only complaint is there drive way is rougher then a washboard. Thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of Your day, and keep up the good work :)

  by Michell
on 1/07/2016

I recently ordered food for my bunny from you. OUTSTANDING!!! Fresh food, generous portioning, super fast shipping and my Hershey is "hoppy" again! Also, whoever answered my query regarding shipping costs was very personable and knowledgeable. Thank-you extensively for excellent service and products! Although I won't need a refill soon (He's a single Netherland Dwarf so he doesn't eat much.) I know I'm getting it from CountryMax! Sincerely, ---Michell L. VA (A now loyal customer).  

  by Patrick
on 8/05/2015

Excellent Service. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your internet sales. I ordered 10 cans of cat food on Friday, and they arrived today (Monday)! I literally only got the shipping notification 8 1/2 hours ago, so this was a greatly welcome surprise. This is the second time I've ordered from you, and the first time, the package came almost as quickly. Looking forward to ordering from you again.  

  by Michelle
on 7/29/2015

I received my order and everything is great. I appreciate the help  

  by Joseph
on 6/11/2015

Thanks for the quick service and delivery (1 day earlier than expected) on order #####. Very happy with the flowerboxes I ordered.  

  by Sandy
on 5/14/2015

  by Pamela
on 5/30/2015

To be honest the people working at the Spencerport Ny location are great they are really helpful, i had a young man that gave me a ton of info on the rabbits there and i ended up coming home with one. However in the past when i have tried to order fish i feel like i am getting B.S because of whomever works in management will tell you anything. The person who orders fish and animals for that location was very rude with me on the phone and in general and i felt like i was getting lied to.  

Thank you so much for your help. I am so pleased with the customer service I have gotten from you that I cannot wait to order something else from you guys!!  

  by Alicia
on 5/11/2015

I happened upon your company while searching for fly spray. You had the best price and offered free shipping as well. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  

  by Gary
on 4/19/2015

you guys are fast!  

  by Kelly
on 4/7/2015

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the reins arrived yesterday. Thanks again for all your help! I really appreciate it.  

  by Jen
on 3/28/2015

I have to write in and tell you about an experience I had today (4-6-15) in your Geneseo, NY store. I went in to purchase a few fish for our new tank and bankground for it. I ended up walking out with a rat, and 4 new fish (1 was for my son) and everything else I needed plus more for the new rat(can't let an animal go home with nothing). The service I received and always have received goes above and beyond. I can't remember the exact name of the girl who waited on me but she was super nice and knowledgeable and she definitely earned her pay with my kids running around and me asking for all that I needed! Your Geneseo, NY store, while a bit of a drive, is the only place I will go for my fish and animal needs. It's always clean and bright and you get a smile from everyone the second you walk in. The cashiers are just amazing and sweet. Please, tell that store to change NOTHING, they are doing it absolutely correct the way it is.  

  by Ken
on 3/28/2015

You guys are the best. The bowl arrived yesterday and today I have a happy turtle!  

  by Susanne
on 3/27/2015

Thanks for shipping so fast!  

  by Bill
on 3/24/2015

The order arrived in good condition. Thanks for your help.  

  by Frances
on 3/06/2015

You are simply amazing!!! Thanks so much! Was able to expedite my order in time for the weekend!  

  by Lisa H.
on 2/28/2015

Yay! Thank you so much for keeping me informed throughout the order process. I'll definitely do business again.  


  by Dawn
on 2/24/2015

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the great service! I received the run about ball for my chinchilla. She will get to use it tomorrow.  


  by Mindy Johnson
on 2/19/2015

I just received the email that it is ready for pick up. Thank you very much for the quick response & great customer service!  

  by Karen Banick
on 1/30/2014

This is the first time I have used CountryMax, but it sure won't be my last. I placed an order on Wednesday afternoon and it was just delivered to my door on Friday afternoon. This kind of service warrants lifetime loyalty! I am so glad that the food I buy for my cats is carried here. Thank you for exceptional service.  

  by Mary
on 1/27/2014

OUTSTANDING!!! Already contacted the Cortland store and picked it up. What excellent Customer Service. Thank you so much for your efforts. It is greatly appreciated by me and the 13 year old dog and 4 mos. old puppy!!!  

  by S. Miller
on 12/28/2014

I just want to let you know what a great store the Spencerport Country Max store is! I have been a loyal customer for years. Both Management and Staff at the Spencerport Country Max are great. I will go to the Spencerport store before Brockport store always even tho the Brockport store is closer to my home. the staff at Brockport has been rude to me more than one time. Spencerport staff is ALWAYS wonderful....They all should give soft skills training to the Brockport store staff.  

  by Arlene
on 12/18/2014

Hi, I got everything I ordered, thank you. And a super big Thank You to the shipping dept. Those dog treats are AWESOME & the dogs love them. What a great surprise. I told everyone. Happy holidays and Happy New Year to everybody at Country Max. Now my birds and dogs will have a real Merry Christmas!

  by Anthony
on 12/04/2014

Wow! Thank you very much! The treats are very much appreciated and I look forward to our continued business.

  by S. Ratcliffe
on 12/04/2014

You are absolutely WONDERFUL. Thank you ever so much. I am so happy that I found you and your company. I will make sure that you and your website is shared with all of the rescue groups and the dog lovers out there who are looking for a GREAT place to shop.

  by T. Convis
on 10/31/2014

Thanks for being so fast with shipping my order. It help me out so much to order it and get it so fast.

  by Mike
on 10/24/2014

just wanted to let you know that the package just arrived and everything is perfect!! thank you for your help. i will for sure be recommending you to my fellow rodent breeders based on your customer service alone.

  by Larry
on 10/20/2014

We received the box today: Well let me see, Oh yes, the order was PERFECT !! Yeah, Good job for the shipping people ! And your company :)

  by Charlotte
on 10/03/2014

Thank you so much for the help. My dog LOVES this dog bed, but is also prone to ripping the mouth area and pulling out the stuffing so getting the extras for backlog since the manufacturer has discontinued the product. Your service has been TOP NOTCH!!!!



  by Deb G.
on 9/29/2014

My mom's Jack Russell Terrier dog named Chloe loves Loyall Active dog food. As soon as the package was delivered, she was jumping for joy! She guards her pet dish and won't let anyone else get near her Loyall food!  

  by D. A.
on 8/13/2014

Just wanted to say thank you for the biscuits received yesterday. We have been unable to find these in our area. The dog thanks you too.  


  by Kevin
on 8/13/2014

Thank you for the updates on my order. Many places I have dealt with in the past didn't bother to keep me informed and it was a guessing game as to when my orders would arrive. I appreciate the great customer service.  


  by T. S.
on 6/17/2014

Awesome. Thanks so much. Will be reordering often. Great customer service!!  

  by Mary
on 6/16/2014

thank you so much! You guys have been an incredible help and I really appreciate it!


  by C Gregory
on 5/21/2014

Hello I wanted to let you know I received shipment today and thank you for EXCELLENT service


  by Derek
on 4/26/2014

Thank you! My dog won't eat anything but Loyall so you will certainly hear from us again.

  by Alicia Grant
on 4/19/2014

So glad I found you. Merrick Flossies are hard to find now a days...I reiceved my order only 2 or 3 days after I placed my order...my dog and I thank you! We will be back.


  by G. Brack
on 4/10/2014

Hello, I wanted to send along a belated thank you. The product has long since arrived and the woodpeckers in my neighborhood love it.

  by J. Lawrence
on 8/29/2013

Thank you so much. What amazing customer service! I found your website by chance, but I hope to order from you again soon. Thank you!

by A. Levitt
on 8/29/2013

WOW, ordered Sun morning and package received Wed morning and in perfect shape. Thanks so much.

by L. Brennan
on 8/29/2013

I live in Texas and I received my order of bird seeds today by mail. I must say I was very very pleased with the delivery and the product. The crew member were really polite, informative and helpful. I will surely recommend CountryMax to all my friends. Thank you.

by Anonymous
on 8/20/2013

Thanks for the GREAT customer service!! We have four dogs so I'm sure you will be hearing from us and our friends many times.

by J. Miller
on 7/25/2013

Just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience I had with your company. It was super easy to place my order, pay with Paypal. I received my order crazy fast and the product is exactly as I hoped! Thanks so much and I will be back!

by T. Allen
on 6/26/2013

Kathy is always there to greet me with a smile & has strong knowledge of the products when I have questions. The gentlemen are right there on the spot to carry my bags of bird food & dog food or any other service I may need & they are very polite about it.
I am very satisfied shopping at Brockport CountryMax.

on 10/31/2011

Greattttttt store love it.

I love Country Max, I go there for many things. If I can't find what I want, just ask anyone and they will help you gladly. One of the best stores going.

on 10/3/2011


by Peg Homer
on 9/30/2011

Always helpful. I use country max for dog food primarily and occasionally for plants. The employees are always helpful and friendly.

by Liz McKinley
on 9/27/2011

I love the staff at Thiel's Country Max! They remember what I purchase and are always - already retrieving my items, when they see me coming!

on 9/26/2011

The people that provide service are always courteous and helpful.

on 9/25/2011

Great place! Everyone is always friendly & helpful. The prices and selection keep me coming back!

by gail layer
on 9/24/2011

Great garden and pet supply store. CountryMax is where I go to buy my cockatoo and guinea pig supplies. The store in Victor carries bulk supplies which makes my shopping more efficient - saves me money. Not only that, but the service is ALWAYS extremely friendly - helpful. They carry everything to the car and I feel like we're neighbors!

by K Haynes
on 9/24/2011

CountryMax Henrietta, NY

Best store in town, employees make it a great experience every time. Small town store feeling. Love it!!

by Jodie R
on 9/24/2011

Awesome. Love this store, when you can't find it anywhere else they will have it. Service is beyond compare.

by M. Burlingame
on 9/24/2011

Good. This store is a good store, and I like it a lot.

by Costumer
on 9/24/2011

Subscription to Sales Circular available online

I recently learned by word-of-mouth from a friend about the end-of-season sale on seed packets. I was able to benefit from the sale, but wanted to be informed of such sales. The sales clerk recommended subscribing to the online mailing list, which I have done, and am now notified by email of new circulars. This is likely to be more reliable than the haphazard chance of getting inserts in advertising papers. However, I didn't see the seed sale making it to any circular. May still have to keep my ears open in the late summer.

by Amos Tanner
on 9/23/2011

Service Friendly Staff. I only come in for kitty litter. I am always greeted upon entering and someone usually will pick up what I need and carry it out to the car. Used to purchase this at the grocery store, until the Vet told us what type of litter we should buy, have been going to CountryMax ever since and am very satisfied.

by Ellen Garland
on 9/23/2011

Great variety. Really appreciate variety of all pets, and sources for obtaining the products I use for my cavy and parakeet. He especially loves your unglazed sticks and ZuPreem hay. Sure wish I lived closer!!!!

by donna hermann
on 9/23/2011

My Teenage daughter's favorite place to shop. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable , love the animal sections.

on 9/22/2011

Love My CountryMax!

Such a cool little store. Anything and everything you'd need for your garden, yard or pets, and they treat you like family. Such a fun store to visit, everyone is so helpful. We go often.

by Karin C.
on 9/22/2011

customer loyalty

"I purchase all of my pet food products/treats at Countrymax. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of a sale price or customer loyalty program.

on 9/22/2011

Country Max Review

For the most part I love Country Max. I mostly deal with the Farmington location. The employees are great. I am always pleased with how well the small pet area maintains stock. I very rarely go and not find what I need or in a small amount. The horse area isn't quite the same. I've had occasion that things are out, and I think being one of the few places in the area that you can get horse supplies, they should maintain adequate stock. I really feel they would benefit from expanding that area as well, for example the tack (bridles, bits, etc.). It's so nice to have a slightly old fashioned farm store nearby. Their consignment sale is the best!

by Jill Ausfeld
on 9/22/2011

Ontario Countrymax

I LOVE the people who work at the Ontario, NY Countrymax! They are always friendly and sweet and helpful. The guys always load my vehicle cheerfully, no matter what the weather is doing. And Charlie helps me deal with my "chicken issues". I make a point of shopping for most of my farm needs there!

by Sue Hyland
on 9/22/2011

Pet Friendly

CountryMax carries a great selection of high quality dog food, along with treats and toys, making them my first choice for shopping for, and with, my dog. The staff is incredibly friendly and always helpful.

on 9/22/2011

Customer Service

I shop at the Country Max Store in Ontario, N.Y. The employees are very helpful. They are knowledgeable about the products and what to advise you on. The prices are fair. If they are out of a product they will have it for you the next truck arrival. They really care about your pets.

by Carol Bowers
on 9/22/2011

Just what I was looking For!

I found just what I was looking for to complete a decorating project I had seen online. CountryMAX had just what I needed!

by linda lumpkin
on 9/22/2011

Friendly Service

I am a dedicated Country Max shopper since the store opened in Henrietta. The staff, and especially the manager Jeff, are very friendly and helpful. I wanted to buy mineral blocks but the case had been dropped and they were all broken. So they sold me a couple very cheap to use until the new shipment came in.

by anna gunther
on 9/22/2011

The people make it better

The workers at the Rochester, NY Country Max are the real reason I shop there. They are always so nice and helpful. They do the extra that other store don't even think of doing.

by Bob Buehler
on 9/22/2011

Not an impersonal place to shop

The people are friendly and helpful. Sale prices are generally very good. Their normal pricing is at par or slight above other discounters. You can normally get in and out quickly.Overall, a pleasant place to shop.

by Robert Cox
on 9/22/2011

Country Max - Fairport, NY

Whether it is the owner, a seasoned employee, or a high school student working part time, their motto is, from my perspective, the customer is the most important part of our business.

on 9/22/2011

Our go to place! We love going to CountryMax for dog food, wild bird food and anything to do with gardening. It's a great resource for all those normal and out-of-the-ordinary supplies we seem to need frequently.

by Freer C
on 9/22/2011

Very nice

Friendly and very helpful staff. Good selections. My problem is the driveway to the store is somewhat bumpy could use some more filling of holes.

on 9/22/2011

Great prices!

I love Country Max! They have the lowest prices around and a great selection.

C. Walker
on 9/22/2011

Excellent customer experience At West Ridge Road Country Max

The staff at the West Ridge Road County Max always go out of their way to please the customer. They are helpful, courteous and friendly. LOVE COUNTRY MAX!!!!!

on 9/22/2011


I used to live in Cortland and frequented the CM there. Have always had excellent service and everyone is so willing to help. Now I live back home in palmyra and the CM is just as good here. Very nice staff. I love just looking around and being asked if I need help but not being pushed to buy someone or be followed around the store. I love this place

on 8/15/2011

Customer Service is excellent!

I recently wrote an email to CountryMax about a problem I was having with my Extreme Challenge CritterTrail. I was so surprised when not only did they replace my hamster cage, but also send some extras! What great customer service! Thank you, CountryMax!

Lynda Boyd Dodd
on 6/24/2011

Fairport CountryMax

The manager at this location is the best. SHE is 110% customer orientated and will not short change you on advice to use the products they sell there. She is going full steam all the time and has helped me with every request.

on 6/9/2011

At Farmington location 75% of cashiers in Equine are friendly. The others are involved in conversations with others...paying little attention to customer they're cashing out. Main store exit cashier's have gotten friendlier, used to be awful, I felt like I was an imposition to them having them cash me out. I'm sorry to say especially the tall fellow who I think owns the store. I belong to the water softener salt club and bird seed club. You'd think in this day and age their club member list would be computerized. If I think to remind the cashier I am a member then they have to find the index card box and leaf through the cards to find my name. Only 25% of the time when I purchase these items does the cashier bother to ask if I'm a member so my purchases can be recorded.
I also shop the Fairport and Phelps stores...no complaints, cashiers friendly, attentive and helpful.

on 1/2/2011

My experiences with Country Max at Batavia, NY has been very favorable. The manager - has been always friendly and very eager to please. She goes out of the way to assist all customers. I make a special point of shopping at Country Max, Batavia whenever I am in the vicinity.

j. breckenridge
on 12/25/2010

I always enjoy shopping at the Farmington and Seneca Falls Stores. Both stores have knowledgeable staff people who are well versed in equine products. They are able to take me right to the products. I shop most often at the Seneca Falls store and find the sales people exceptionally nice.

on 12/25/2010

I am a regular at the Spencerport NY countrymax. Everyone there knows me, they are always friendly, and I always get an offer to carry items out to my car. They always have what I want in stock, and on the rare occassions when something is sold out, they're very good about ordering for me. I don't have enough good things to say about this store.

Melanie Blow
on 12/8/2010

I think CountryMax has the best high end dog foods at the best price in the Rocheste area. The dog toy selection is always good.

Christine Sibilio
on 12/7/2010


on 12/5/2010

Wish there was a store in the Geneseo area as TSC has a monopoly here . Unfortunately I don't get out your way often.

on 12/4/2010

I am so thrilled with Country Max. The people are always so very friendly and so helpful. They always have what ever I need. I like to feed the birds. Country Max always has a great supply of different kinds of bird seed. Thank you for your great customer service. Marc Hinds

Marc Hinds
on 12/4/2010

I love Country Max. I mainly purchase pet food, pet toys, and outside bird food. Prices are great, as are the sales. Pet food quality, selection, and price beat other stores. I often recommend them to friends as to a place that offers a good value and product. Staff are always friendly and helpful. It is a great store I highly recommend.

on 12/3/2010

I love country max and I love shopping there. I have never had a bad experience at any one I have shopped at and all the employees are always so helpful. I used to have a large breed dog and I would always buy her food from country max because the only other place to get it was petco or petsmart. And I would have to wait and wait for someone to help me carry out her food at the bigger stores. And the prices always seemed to be right!

on 12/2/2010

We have been shopping at Country Max for many years. We love the store! The employees are always nice and helpful and we are on a first name basis with some of them. We always find what we need which makes all our pets happy. When my daughter is old enough, she wants to work there!

on 12/2/2010

Country Max has done a good job at maintaining a local neighborhood country supply store with a competive pricing a a global market. The staff is friendly and helpful. They stand behind thier products. Country Max is an asset to our community.

on 12/2/2010

I have been a customer of the Cortland CountryMax since before they expanded to their new location a few years back. The store is well organized and fully stocked with a variety of things that I need, including animal feed, outdoor clothing, and useful yard and garden items. Over the years the staff has proven to be friendly and helpful. With 3 cats, a dog and lots of hungry birds, I the competition to visit Cortland CountryMax often and find it to be one of my favorite stores in this part of central New York.

on 12/2/2010

I have always found the staff at CountryMax to be very helpful and pleasant. Their prices are very competitive with other pet stores in the area.

on 12/2/2010

I enjoy shopping at Country Max due to very pleasant salespeople/cashiers.

on 12/2/2010

I've always had a pleasent and curtiuos experience with CountryMax.I purchase dog food from them because they're the least expensive in the area.All positive with them and the christmass pictures are wounderful.

on 12/2/2010

Always friendly and knowledgable staff on hand to answer questions whther on the phone or in the store. Wide variety of pet care items and it's great that you can take your pets inside and let them pick out their toys!

on 12/2/2010

They always have everything in stock when it is on sale.and I dont have to wait in long lines

on 12/2/2010

I love shopping at Country Max. The staff are always helpful and courteous. The animals they sell are healthy and well cared for and there is a huge variety of animal products to choose from.

on 12/2/2010

Very nice staff...but they did not have the feed I was looking for thats carried in the Ontario,NY store (they get 5 stars)...

on 12/2/2010

Hi there, I love the countrymax in Palmyra. If I had to pick a favorite one, the guys are real nice and always help me. And sometimes thats not easy, cause I'm a wildlife rehabber. Ontario is pretty good too, and its on my way to work, but the Palmyra carries things Ontario doesn't, I thought they were generic. But it all works. Thanks for asking

on 12/2/2010

Always attentive and friendly to you when there, very helpful and knowledgeable, only downside is they no longer carry large hedgehog dog toys

on 12/2/2010

Wanted to see bigger drainage holes...had to create our own. Otherwise, advertised quality and delivery time was "on the mark!"

Paul Wirkus
on 12/2/2010

I was very please the last visit I made to Country Max to purchase "Earthborn" dog food. The factory representative was there, we talked about the food, the company our dogs, and just general nice chit-chat. He was nice enough to give us a bunch of $3.00 off coupons toward our food which don't expire! Now THAT is special! Thanks Country Max & Earthborn!

on 12/2/2010

Kelly, Amy,Bill. Mark and all the other staff members at Country Max are absolutely THE BEST! They're all cordial, personable, and eager to fulfill a patron's request. I ALWAYS look forward to going to Country Max because of the quality of the available products, but mostly because of the friendly staff. Keep up the GREAT work at Countryu Max in Tonawanda. Your staff are truly a credit to your company. Kudos! Sincerely, Linda Ther

on 12/1/2010

We deal with the Country Max store in Norwich, NY and are VERY pleased with the quality of service, as well as the quality and choice of products we buy. Linda, in particular, has always gone above and beyond to make sure that we are satisfied and happy, repeat customers. Many thanks to her !

Amanda J Heaney-Smith
on 12/1/2010

CountryMax has great competitive prices and great merchandise. They always seem to have what I need in stock, no matter if it's for my pets, the wild birds or plants and trees.

on 12/1/2010

I've always had a great experience at the Country Max in Ontario. I was always greeted with a smile and a hello. Whenever I had a a question about something or any kind of help there was always someone to help me. Thanks to the employees at the Ontario Store. God Bless all of you and have Merry Christmas.

on 12/1/2010

I LOVE Country Max. It reminds me of my childhood. I'm still a country girl at heart and just the smell of the store brings back fond memories. I am a dog lover and CM is the most economical place to purchase premium dog food and collars, toys and just everything for our dogs. In the summer it is a great place to get all our garden supplies. At Christmas time we shop there for gifts for our pets and for our friends' pets.

on 12/1/2010

I visit the Country Max in Cortland, NY on a pretty regular basis. They have a fantastic selection of dog products, and the people are wonderful - always friendly and helpful. It's an added bonus that we can take our dog in with us - he loves it! In the end, the main reason why I keep returning to shop at the Cortland CountryMax is that the staff make us all feel very welcome.

on 12/1/2010

We love CountryMax. Great prices, great variety, great staff!

on 12/1/2010

I honestly don't know what to says here, every time I go in to the store everyone is friendly, always ask if they can help. I stop in 1 afternoon to get a bag of birdseed an when I got to the register the checker said there is a big bag of the birdseed for the same price, she told me that's the same birdseed she uses at home. So I took her advise and low an behold the birds love it! This is just one shopping trip, the are many more . I just want to say Thank you Country Max keep doing what you doing!

on 12/1/2010

I love the deals on plants. I wish you would carry 50 lb. bags of cracked corn but only if you can beat Tractor Supply's price of $10.00. I also don't buy as much bird seed from you anymore because Wal-Mart beats your prices. However, I still make regular trips to the store to buy your plants.

on 12/1/2010

Shop at Country Max Cortland store regulary. Great selection, very friendly personnel. Super sale items. New store is great compared to old Cortland location. Keep up the great work!

on 12/1/2010

I Love my Country Max in Cicero NY! It is the best place to get Dog treats and goodies. I also buy all of my aquarium items from Country Max

on 12/1/2010

With my dial-up/old computer, it's hard to go through all the ads. My primary shopping @ CountryMax is for dog food. It would be VERY helpful if I could receive emails of sales on NEUTRO dog food....and on GREENIES. This would rate 5 stars. This would ensure my coming to Country Max more routinely. I shop the Seneca Falls store and always find someone happy to carry my big dog food bag to my car - very nice!

on 12/1/2010

Country Max in Fairport, NY is a wonderful place to shop. Everyone is always friendly and very helpful,whether you are looking for something or need your car loaded with mulch, plants, etc.

Linda B.
on 12/1/2010

I usually go to the Country Max on 104 in Ontario. I am always pleased with their customer service. My only complaint, and probably something over which they have very little control is that some of the Purina specialty feeds (equine -- specifically Enrich 32) are not always availble.

Yasmin Scheuer
on 12/1/2010

Picked up two bags of dog food. Was showed where my brand was! Everyone had a huge smile and very friendly. When i was paying a young man had the bags ready to go. He took them to the truck and had a great conversation along the way. Very friendly place to shop! Thank You!

on 12/1/2010

We always have a pleasant experience shopping at Country Max. Everyone is always very helpful and courteous.

on 12/1/2010

Although I have been to other CountryMax stores, my wife and I shop almost exclusively at the Henrietta,NY store. Our main reason for shopping there is the wide variety of bird supplies. The associates are exceptionally friendly, helpful and quite knowledgeable in many areas. To sum it up in one sentence, when we go into the Henrietta CountryMax it is like going into a small home town general store that is both helpful and homey.

Rick Page
on 12/1/2010

The Spencerport NY store is excellent. The Store staff are always friendly and willing to help. The BrockportNY store needs to train their staff better. Most of them walk around like zombies and they aren't familiar with the merchandise.

on 12/1/2010

I always purchase our Nutro dog food at the Farmington store. The product is always in stock and very reasonably priced. I usually always end up purchasing a few dog treats or flip chip bag whenever I come into the store. All your employees in this store are friendly and willing to help. The only thing that would make me happier is if you put the medium size Nutro dog foods on sale. It seems that the large bag is on sale often, but I prefer to buy the medium bag, easier storage. Thank You, and keep up the great work!!!

Liz Herpich
on 12/1/2010

Excellent store with loads of bird food and feeders. their prices are also excellent

on 12/1/2010

I have always had a great shopping expierence when there.

on 12/1/2010

Steve it has benn a pleasur to do business with your stores, ever sence you have been in this area. I live in Greecwe , and go to both stores, depending were I am at the time. Prices was the big factor for me to buy from you as i am on a fix income. I buy just about all my bird supplies from you

Dean F. Marsaw
on 12/1/2010

We are very pleased with our purchases, and the store personnel. We buy our food,hay,and bedding for our guinea pig because it is the best price we've found.

Nancy DeVries
on 12/1/2010

Love to shop here! Not as nice as Brockport store, but I prefer the employee attention, and friendliness at Spencerport!

Kim Sile
on 12/1/2010

The staff at the Ontario store are always friendly and helpful.

on 12/1/2010

The products at your store are very well priced and the location is convenient (Farmington). However, I go in the store quite often to purchase the Show Bed Soft bedding for guinea pigs (and horses). On many occasions it is not in stock. When I look to one of the cashiers for assistance in ordering, many times they have no idea what product I am talking about and if they do know the product, they can never give me a definitive date that the bedding will be available. At times they are quite disgruntled to even have to deal with it.

I do want to complement Scott for his customer service. If I have to reach out to him, he is always very accommodating.

on 12/1/2010

The people at Country Max have always been extremely helpful to me. The only problem I have with C.Max is the place they buy their kennel fencing/runs (8'by12'by6'hight--the fencing is very poor quality. My husband bought some for kennel runs in '07; within 10 days my siberians had gotten through it. At that time, so many problems were going on with my husband that I never contacted Country Max. I am sorry about that because we had to reinforce the runs in the kennel building. Other than that I have had no problems.

anita carter
on 12/1/2010

I like country max very much but was there a month back (at the ontario store)and experienced something that disturbed me. My daughter and I were in the fish department an inquired about odd fish i saw with multi-colored polka dots, stripes and hearts on them. I asked the young man about them and he told me that they remove them from the water and draw on them with color-safe pens. If you have any kind of heart, you know this is not right. Truthfully, I have not been back since.

on 12/1/2010

I love this store!! It is fun just to go and look at everything even when we don't have a particular purchase in mind. And . . . they are one of the few places around that carry half gallon canning jars!

on 12/1/2010

I find Countrymax employees have more expertise than employees in any other store with pet and garden equipment.I can always get knowledgeable answers. Often Countrymax does not carry the products I want to buy. It is common for me to only find half the items on my list. This is most often true in pet supplies. The store has all the garden supplies I need.

on 12/1/2010

CSR was very helpful in solving our training problem with our dog. They always attend to our needs completely and professionally.

on 12/1/2010

I love doing business with my neighborhood Country Max on Bridge Street in East Syracuse, New York. They are always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I usually find whatever it is I need, and they always order for me if the item is not in stock. Great people to do business with, and I shop there regularly.

Mary Carbery
on 12/1/2010

The staff at the Fairport store are always very friendly and helpful. Prices on most items are better or at least comparable to the competition.

Margaret M.
on 12/1/2010

Country Max is where I buy my black oil sunflower seed because your price is so reasonable and you still sell it in 50 lb. bags. Hardly anybody does that any more - I hope you keep doing it, also. I feed alot of birds and it can get rather expensive! I just wish you would open a store in Watertown, NY, where it would be closer to me. Right now, I have to drive 40-50 miles to your Cicero, NY store.
Also, if he is still there, you have a gem of an employee at the Cicero, NY store - he manages your garden/plant department. He was so enthusiastic about ""his"" plants and was very knowledgeable!
I also like the fact that you have a resident cat at both your stores that I have shopped at in Syracuse. I, also have given many stray cats a good home. And one last thing, all of your employees are very courteous and very helpful. I have never had to wait for someone to carry the bird seed out to my vehicle!
Thank you for giving me a chance to ""sound off"" about your lovely store! Don't forget to check out Watertown, NY or Pulaski, NY as a potential market for a future Country Max store!

Starr Durant-Rason
on 12/1/2010

The best! Always knowledgable and caring. Great staff

Kim Price
on 12/1/2010

The equine folks at CM are always helpful. If they don't have a product on the shelf they order it for me and always have suggestions if I need them. I shop at both the Palmyra and Farmington stores.

on 12/1/2010

Countrymax is great, the ads come via email which I love, they always have the products I'm looking for and which can be hard to find at the big box stores, it's like an old fashioned country store with all of the gardening and outdoor stuff I need. They are incredibly helpful ( I go to the store in Henrietta) and know their stuff.

on 12/1/2010

I love going to my Countrymax in Spencerport. I bring my dog and they fuss over her and give her treats. I buy my dog food,dog biscuits,horse feed, apple wafers for the horses, fish for my house and pond and fish food for them. Fencing supplies and barn supplies. Flowers and vegetable plants. If they don't have what I am looking for they will order it. The sales people and manager are the best and most helpful.

Gail Bologna-Melens
on 12/1/2010

Always well staffed and friendly, just wished they opened earlier and closed later, often in an equine emergency, have to go further up road to Tractor Supply do to they are closed

on 12/1/2010

Everyone in the store I shop at is friendly and helpful, the store is clean and easy to shop in, I really enjoy going there. I also love the small animal section. I've found that some of the pricing is lower on some items, and others it is higher, you just have to pay attention and compare.

Laurie Bobbette
on 12/1/2010

Great experience. Items were easy to find (including some items I didn't realize I needed!). Check out was quick and pleasant. Store is very clean and tidy.

on 12/1/2010

I go to both the Spencerport, NY Country Max as well as the Country Max in Ontario, NY. Both locations have such great customer service!! I go there not only for the variety, but the prices are great.....where else can you get a 40# bag of clumping cat litter for ten dollars? The variety in their food lines are very good, from premium lines to brands we have all known for years. Love it, Love it, Love it!

it's raining cats and dogs
on 12/1/2010

Great place to shop. They have really good sales in their Sales flier that they send out to me! I shop at country Max once a week! Keep up the good work at the Seneca Falls store!

on 12/1/2010

I shop at the new CountryMax store in Brockport, NY. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The store is very neat and well laid out with a nice variety of items. I shop for my bird seed supplies and have found a wide variety of seeds, feeders, and accessories available.When I have purchased heavy items, someone has always been there to put them in my vehicle for me.

on 12/1/2010

I was disappointed that an item I wanted was temporarily out but I was offered a raincheck. I bought a 50 lb. bag of bird seed and the gentleman loaded it for me. It was a good experience and I will be going back.

on 12/1/2010

I enjoy shopping at CountryMax, especially because my dog is welcome to come in with me. Prices are good- less expensive than local competitors on most items I use- and the staff are friendly and helpful.

on 12/1/2010

Everyone there is always helpful and informed.

on 12/1/2010

The people at country max are so happy and always willing to help you out. I love it there. I bring my puppy there and he loves being there. They have reasonable prices and great products. They have never hesitated when I have needed help carrying stuff out to my car

on 12/1/2010

The Country Max folks have always been helpful and they were on this shopping experience. I bought a bird feeder - for about $30 and about $60 worth of supplies. I do wish the bird feeder was clean - It's really really dusty - I bought it on Saturday - have been keeping it in the car until I get a chance to dust it off and make sure it's in good shape. It's the kind my Mom wanted - I normally wouldn't buy something so dusty - I visit all the Country Max stores on a regular basis - from Fairport to Waterloo. I love them all but the Waterloo store could really use a serious dusting on some parts - some parts are clean some aren't.

Jean Cirone
on 12/1/2010

I have been shopping for some time now at Country Max. We purchase all of our pet foods and bird seed there. This past summer I also purchased many plants for my garden.
Country Max's prices are the lowest around and the service is great. The staff is always friendly and helpful. This is extremely important when I shop there without my husband because one of the young men will always carry my purchases out to my car for me.

on 12/1/2010

Staff is always helpful - whether I need help with a product recommendation, locating an item, or hauling heavy bags of seed or landscaping purchases to my vehicle. Prices are reasonable and sales are great! During the growing season, the plant material they sell is always high quality - check it out!

Linda B.
on 12/1/2010

Great store, helpful employees, friendly cashiers. i have never had a bad experience when i have gone into the store

on 12/1/2010

I am very pleased with the Ontario Country Max. Charlie was very helpful! I have been having trouble w/ my propane tank being over filled and having to let out propane in order for my grill to work. After complaining to several people and being told that there was nothing wrong w/ it and that I must be doing something wrong-Charlie offered to help me and help he did! No problems with the tank after he took time to purge & fill tank only to a certain point. Thank you Charlie!

on 12/1/2010

I've always enjoyed visiting our Spencerport, NY Countrymax store. I buy all of our birdseed and supplies there. The employee's are always friendly and I never have to ask for help. They're right there asking. I recently checked out the new (and larger) Brockport, NY store and it was beautiful and the people just as friendly. I'll continue to shop in Spencerport as it's closer, but will stop at the other store if I'm out that way.

on 12/1/2010

I enjoy shopping at country max very much because the selection is great and so is the service. Keep up the good work!

on 12/1/2010

I frequent the Country Max in Spencerport. They are ALWAYS cheerful, helpful and even my dog looks forward to Saturdays when we go get our horse feed to see them. They stock Strategie regular just for me and I so appreciate that. They always carry it to the car for me too.

on 12/1/2010

I love the store and the people that work there are always friendly and helpful!

on 12/1/2010

CM is my go to store for gardening supplies. I love everything about the store...convenience, price, very nice staff,good quality merchandise. I do not buy their plants, however, because they don't look healthy.

on 12/1/2010

I have been going to CountryMax for the last 11 years, usually at least once a week. The Farmington CountryMax seems to be very organized, the staff is knowledgeable, and everyone is friendly. I have also visited the Henrietta and Batavia CountrMax stores on many occasions. The Batavia staff is very nice and very willing to help, though they have been out of a particular feed I use a few times. But otherwise, I like shopping in that store also. I do have to say that i am usually disappointed when I go to the Henrietta store. For all the times I've been there, I don't think they have ever had the one brand of feed I use in stock and I just don't think that store is very pleasant to shop in. I also feel like a good portion of their staff (though not all of them) are not as knowledgeable about the products the store sells, as the employees in the Farmington and Batavia stores. Overall, I really do like this chain of stores and will continue to shop there.

on 12/1/2010

What a store. you are 50 miles to get there, but well worth the drive, you always have everything i need

on 12/1/2010

I enjoy stopping at CountryMax, even if it's just to look at the critters. They have a great assortment of pet supplies and products for the yard and garden. The employees are always helpful.

Clare B.
on 12/1/2010

I lived in NY state for 5 years and ran a non profit for companion animal rescue. I liked Country Max in Cortland NY very much because they were "rescue" friendly -- they allowed us to have our rescue pets there in the store and it helped a great deal by giving our group exposure as well as having an extra high profile pet friendly location in order to adopt these needy pets. I also shopped there and found the prices reasonable and the product line very decent. If there was anything I would have changed it would have been to make the store more inviting with the displays but it was all good.

Caroline C
on 12/1/2010

Customer service is personal, down to earth and there is always someone willing to carry your purchases to the car. Their prices cannot be beat. I travel a half hour one way to purchase my pet supplies from them. The building itself is something to experience with the huge beams and wood floors.

on 12/1/2010

Have never had less than a pleasant shopping experience at our Country Max locations. Employees are always most helpful and knowledgeable with our questions and needs. We shop there constantly and customer service plus the store inventory keeps us going back again and again.

on 12/1/2010

Country Max not only has very helpful sales people, they also have the best prices and a great selection. Well worth the travel time.

on 12/1/2010










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