Honey Bee Nuc

Honey Bee Nuc

What is a Nuc?

Nuc stands for “Nucleus”, meaning a nucleus ‘mini’ size hive. It is an established mini or ‘nucleus’ colony with a laying queen, emerging adult bees, fresh eggs, growing brood (larva), frames of pollen & honey, worker bees foraging, building comb etc. It is a working mini colony or starter hive if you will. You will take this nuc home and put it into a regular size hive so they can continue growing throughout the rest of the season, thus growing into the larger hives you see in people’s yards.

What size frames come with the nuc?

These nucs are deep frame nucs. So you need at least 1 deep box for your nuc to fit into when you get it. We suggest 2 deeps, but some like to run all medium boxes. In that case you should have 1 deep for the nuc, 2 mediums for brood and 2 more mediums for honey for your first year. More boxes or even a completely extra hive setup would be a good idea as it gives you much more flexibility and ability to work with your hives or catch a swarm.

How many frames come with the nuc?

The nucs come with 5 frames. 2-3 frames are brood with a little bit of honey and pollen. 1-2 frames will be mostly honey or pollen, as long as they have not eaten it all during some bad weather when they couldn’t bring new food into the nuc. Lastly there will be 1 frame they are currently working, it could be drawn out or completely empty. The reason for this is so you have a little time in case you cant get them installed into your hive boxes right away. Usually this gives about a week to 10 days. This also means the bees are still building their hive, they have not stopped. A lot of customers like to get the nucs that are overflowing and jam packed full on every frame. However, in this case, the bees have stopped building and are most likely getting ready to swarm. If the bees are still building, they are not in swarm “mode” and as a result will continue building when you install them into the hive. This helps them build up faster and make some extra honey for you and being better setup for winter.

Where do I pickup my nuc?

We partnered with Hungry Bear Farms, a local commercial beekeeping operation who is supplying the nucs. The pickup address is 868 Newell Rd, Middlesex, NY 14507. This info will be sent to you via email when the nucs are ready to pickup.

Please note - In-Store Pickup will be selected at checkout, however, the pickup will occur at 868 Newell Rd, Middlesex, NY 14507!

When do I get my nuc?

The nucs are scheduled for the last weekend in April to the second week in May. The exact time is not known until a few days before hand. We give about a 2 day notice of pickup, so it is important you be ready during this time window to come get them. Normally we run 2 pickup times, 1 in the evening after work and 1 in the early morning. Nucs must be picked up either at dusk or dawn. During the day the bees are free to fly around, as a result picking up your nuc during the day will result in you loosing thousands of bees that are out gathering food for the hive.

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